Industrial capacitors

Innovation, flexibility and application knowledge are at the heart of ICW’s philosophy.

We offer standard product ranges which are typically designed into industrial applications.

In the more challenging transportation, military, aerospace and obsolescence markets then we often find we need to use this core technology to develop application specific solutions.

Our technology is able to offer capacitors for DC applications from 63V to 1800V and non-ionising AC operation to 660Vac in a single winding.

The use of series connection can be used to extend these operating ranges.

Research and Development

Industrial manufacturing equipment

Our R&D team investigate materials and manufacturing processes that will offer a competitive advantage.

In our dedicated laboratory we are able to stress new component designs electrically, mechanically and thermally to fully understand their properties, failure modes and expected lifetimes.

While much of our R&D effort is focused on being able to reduce the physical size of components while maintaining lifetime and thermal performance we also dedicate appreciable time to applying our products in new innovative ways that will open new markets.

Application development

Importantly we are able to provide a complete service from electrical, thermal and mechanical design to rapid prototype availability and smooth transition to regular production.

Before offering a solution we take time to fully understand our customer’s electrical and environmental requirements.

Many of our capacitors are used in harsh electrical and environmental conditions where sustained performance across an extended lifetime is critical. Thermal design tools allow us to fully analyse the transient and steady state performance of our products in application.

Mechanical design in completed in SolidWorks enabling straight forward collaboration with our customers and facilitating fast turn around of rapid prototyped housings for samples. Working closely with our supply base we are able to offer cost effective hard and soft tooled housings appropriate to the required volumes.

Our problem solving capabiities are one of our key strengths. For many of our customers we are a specialist extension of their design team.


Monitor readout

Continuous investment in manufacturing facilities affords the flexibility to provide optimised solutions for both low and high volume requirements.

When winding very thin metallised plastic films it is critical to precisely control tension and winding flatness and cleanliness.

Our winding equipment is supplied by market leading machine manufacturers and is installed in a dedicated filtered, positive air pressure, temperature controlled winding room.

We own a variety of winding machines capable of producing individual windings from 10nF to 4000uF.