Close partnerships produce unique solutions

(Posted on 27/03/17)

Close partnerships produce unique solutions

When we were approached to provide a DC Link Capacitor for a hybrid super car inverter, electrical performance was only one of the challenges. Through a close working relationship with the customer's design engineers ICW have again proved their ability to add value and provide superior solutions.

The inverter had to deliver significant power from a compact size with the lowest possible weight and the DC Link capacitor was always going to be one of the largest and more challenging components.

The solution was to think outside the box and consider the capacitor as an integral structural element of the inverter.

Incorporating the system wide laminated bus bars directly to the capacitor greatly simplifies final inverter assembly and yields a significant reduction in the switching path inductance.

Utilizing the capacitor case to support the inverter PCB enhances vibration bump and shock performance while also reducing fixings and assembly time.

ICW's solution delivers an impressive 520uF 600Vdc with a ESR of <200uOhms and Inductance of ~10nH, on top of the system wide value adding benefits detailed above.

ICW's tradition of getting under the skin of an application and working closely with design teams regularly delivers exceptional film capacitor solutions for the most demanding applications. If you have an application you feel can benefit from ICW's technical understanding, experience and desire to engineer solutions then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.