ICW offer ICEL capacitors in the UK

(Posted on 22/10/13)

ICW offer ICEL capacitors in the UK

Metallised film capacitor manufacturers ICW and ICEL, have formed a co-operative agreement to offer one another’s products in their respective home markets.

ICW, were formed in 1974 and manufacture in Wrexham, North Wales.
ICEL, were formed in 1960 and manufacture in Milan, Italy.

ICEL manufacture a comprehensive range of box radial polypropylene and polyester capacitors for snubber, pulse power and DC link and AC filtering applications.

David Thomson, Managing Director of ICW, commented. “The product lines of ICW and ICEL compliment one another perfectly, allowing ICW to offer a complete film capacitor solution in the UK market. UK customers will greatly benefit from dealing directly with our highly experienced technical department, that can assist at every stage of a product’s life cycle. Both ICW and ICEL focus on lean manufacturing to offer cost effective products and short lead times resulting in flexibility not found elsewhere.”

Download ICEL product cross reference table to review the ICEL product line with respect to other major boxed film capacitor manufactures product ranges.

Complete product data is available at :www.icel.it

For UK support contact ICW directly: Tel. 01978 853805, email: sales@icwltd.co.uk or via Contact Us