SEG : Polypropylene Capacitor: 700Vdc - 1800Vdc

Product description

SEG : Polypropylene: 700Vdc - 1800Vdc

The SEG range of capacitors has been designed to offer designers of dc filtering applications an alternative to electrolytic capacitors. Manufactured from a special metallised polypropylene film, the component offers a very high volumetric efficiency along with very low losses and high current handling capability.

The design has particularly good self healing capabilities and is able to with stand high overvoltage stresses without becoming short circuit.

The capacitors are housed in a choice of low profile cases, manufactured from material which meets the flammability requirements of UL 94-V0 and flanged for easy fixing.

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Technical details

Capacitance range 22 - 210 µF Temperature range -55 to + 85°C
Tolerance ± 10% Environmental category 55/85/56 to EN60068-1 (IEC68-1)
Dissipation factor ≤ 0.001 at 1kHz & 20 ± 3°C Proof voltage test 1.25 x rated voltage for 30s. Not to be repeated
Insulation resistance ≥ 10,000 MΩ-µF @ 400 Vdc & 20 ± 3°C Tightening torque 7.5Nm
Rated voltage 1100 - 1800 Vdc (see graph below for expected lifetime) RMS current rating Dependant on operating conditions, typically 20-50A. Please contact us for assistance with calculations


Vdc C
700 130 51 1.3 41
210 64 1.5 42
900 90 51 1.4 40
135 64 1.8 39
1100 60 51 1.3 41
100 64 1.5 42
1400 35 51 1.4 40
55 64 1.6 41
1800 22 51 1.6 37
35 64 1.9 37

ESR - measured at 10kHz, Imax - Maximum rms ripple current at 10kHz in 40°C ambient, still air for T=70°C


SEG : Polypropylene: 700Vdc - 1800Vdc dimensions

Expected life

SEG : Polypropylene: 700Vdc - 1800Vdc expected life

Quality and useful life

The specification of quality data - which always refers to a fairly large number of components - does not constitute a guarantee of characteristics or properties in the legal sense. However, agreement on the specifications does not mean that the customer may not claim for replacement of individual defective components within the terms of delivery. We cannot, however, assume any further liability beyond the replacement of defective components. This applies in particular to any further consequences of component failure.

Furthermore, it must be taken into consideration that the figures stated for useful life and failure rate refer to the average production status and are therefore to be understood as mean values (statistical expectations) for a large number of delivery lots of identical capacitors. These figures are based on application experience and data obtained from preceding tests under normal conditions, or - for purposes of accelerated aging - more severe conditions.

Ordering details

SEG 100 K 1100

F - Family: SEG
C - Cap value n for C<1000nF, u for C≥1µF
T - Tolerance M=±20% K=±10% J=±5% G=±2% F=±1%
V - Rated Voltage dc : 700, 900, 1100, 1400, 1800

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